Documentation of the vitasdk

Detailed Description

Exports for Kernel.

Using this library in your project

Include the header file in your project:


struct SceKblParam __attribute__ ((packed)) SceKblParam

Data Structure Documentation

◆ SceKblParam

struct SceKblParam
Data Fields
uint16_t version
uint16_t size
uint32_t current_fw_version
uint32_t factory_fw_version
uint32_t unk_C
uint32_t unk_10
uint8_t unk_14[0xC]
uint8_t qa_flags[0x10]
uint8_t boot_flags[0x10]
SceDipsw dipsw
SceKernelPARange dram
uint32_t unk_68
uint32_t boot_type_indicator_1
SceOpenPsId openpsid
SceKernelPARange secure_kernel
SceKernelPARange context_auth_sm
SceKernelPARange kprx_auth_sm
SceKernelPARange prog_rvk
ScePsCode pscode
uint32_t __stack_chk_guard
uint32_t unk_AC
uint8_t session_id[0x10]
uint32_t unk_C0
uint32_t wakeup_factor
uint32_t unk_C8
uint32_t hold_ctrl
uint32_t resume_context_addr
uint32_t hardware_info
uint32_t boot_type_indicator_2
uint32_t unk_DC
uint32_t unk_E0
uint32_t unk_E4
uint8_t hardware_flags[0x10]
uint32_t bootldr_revision
uint32_t magic
uint8_t coredump_session_key[0x20]
uint8_t unused[0xE0]

Function Documentation

◆ __attribute__()

struct SceKblParam __attribute__ ( (packed)  )