Documentation of the vitasdk

Detailed Description

Exports for Kernel.

Using this library in your project

Include the header file in your project:

#include <psp2/gps.h>

Link the library to the executable:



int _sceGpsClose (void)
int _sceGpsGetData (SceGpsPositionData *pos, SceGpsSatelliteData *sat)
int _sceGpsGetDeviceInfo (SceGpsDeviceInfo *dev_info)
int _sceGpsGetState (SceGpsStatus *state)
int _sceGpsIoctl (SceUInt32 ioctl_command, SceVoid *arg, SceSize arg_size, SceSize *a4)
int _sceGpsIsDevice (void)
int _sceGpsOpen (SceUID cbid)
int _sceGpsResumeCallback (void)
int _sceGpsSelectDevice (SceUInt32 device_type)
int _sceGpsStart (unsigned int mode)
int _sceGpsStop (void)


typedef struct SceGpsDeviceInfo SceGpsDeviceInfo
typedef struct SceGpsSatelliteData SceGpsSatelliteData
typedef struct SceGpsPositionData SceGpsPositionData
typedef struct SceGpsStatus SceGpsStatus

Typedef Documentation

◆ SceGpsDeviceInfo

◆ SceGpsSatelliteData

◆ SceGpsPositionData

◆ SceGpsStatus

typedef struct SceGpsStatus SceGpsStatus

Function Documentation

◆ _sceGpsClose()

int _sceGpsClose ( void  )

◆ _sceGpsGetData()

int _sceGpsGetData ( SceGpsPositionData pos,
SceGpsSatelliteData sat 

◆ _sceGpsGetDeviceInfo()

int _sceGpsGetDeviceInfo ( SceGpsDeviceInfo dev_info)

◆ _sceGpsGetState()

int _sceGpsGetState ( SceGpsStatus state)

◆ _sceGpsIoctl()

int _sceGpsIoctl ( SceUInt32  ioctl_command,
SceVoid arg,
SceSize  arg_size,
SceSize a4 

◆ _sceGpsIsDevice()

int _sceGpsIsDevice ( void  )

◆ _sceGpsOpen()

int _sceGpsOpen ( SceUID  cbid)

◆ _sceGpsResumeCallback()

int _sceGpsResumeCallback ( void  )

◆ _sceGpsSelectDevice()

int _sceGpsSelectDevice ( SceUInt32  device_type)

◆ _sceGpsStart()

int _sceGpsStart ( unsigned int  mode)

◆ _sceGpsStop()

int _sceGpsStop ( void  )