Documentation of the vitasdk
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Detailed Description

Time, battery...


 Application Manager Library
 Launch Apps and get their params.
 Application Utilities Library
 Mount folder of specific Apps, Savedata Slot Management, launch web browser.
 Audio-Video Configuration Library
 Brightness, Volume, HDMI settings...
 Background Application Utilities Library
 Manage a background application.
 Notification Utilities library
 Send notiifications, simple and progress type.
 Power Library
 Battery status, CPU speed...
 Real-time Clock Library
 Get/Set RTC time and date.
 Sbl AC Manager
 Check if a process is a Game or Shell process.
 Sbl AI Manager
 Get information on the hardware model.
 Sbl Auth Manager
 Low level functions for SELF decryption and crypto engine.
 Shell Utils Library
 Set handlers for opening various menus.
 Events Library
 Schedule a one time or daily application events.
 VSH Bridge Library
 Model info, System, Memory card state...